Need a child friendly Face Painter?

Add some colour to your special occasion - let's get painty!

About Your Celebration

Why have a face painter?

You're having a celebration - congratulations! Add a burst of colour to your day by adding a face painter to help celebrate in colourful, glittery style!
Creating smiles and memories, face painting is the perfect way to get little imaginations going. Seeing the kids running around bringing their face paints to life is one of the big reasons I do what I do and love it so much.
That magic moment they catch their reflection for the first time in the mirror - priceless..


An Event to Remember

Being a Mum myself, I know how important your little one's special day is. The younger years go by so quickly, however the memories last a lifetime! Add an element of magic - your child can transform into a beautiful rainbow butterfly, or fierce tiger for a day. Perhaps they love PJ Masks and can't wait to 'Save the Day' as Gekko? I do themed parties and can tailor make designs to suit.

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For full version go to my YouTube channel - all my songs are online and free for the public! Includes 4 ASA songwriting finalist originals.

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